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    Why is there evil in the world?
    You know, this is a difficult stumbling block and question for many people. The simplest way to look at this question is to examine God’s nature and his desire for mankind. Look at the logic. God loves us and wants us to love him back. And how could we love him back unless we have the freedom to not love? God could have made us like robots who do nothing more than say, “I love you. I love you. I love you.” But we’d be forced to do that and that wouldn’t be real love. Love is a choice. And if you have a choice, you have to be able to choose not to love. That in itself is the nature of evil: evil is choosing not to love. So when God gave us the freedom to choose, he gave us not only our greatest blessing, but he also gave us our greatest curse — we can choose to do right or choose to do wrong. The reason there’s evil in the world is not because of God, but because God gave us the freedom to choose. Now the potential for love outweighs the existence of evil, because you see, evil is only going to exist for a short time, but love is going to go on forever. And all of the suffering and all of the death that we see in the world today are because man has chosen to make wrong choices. God could have taken our freedom, but he didn’t. I hope you’ll use your freedom to choose God.
    Do all religions lead to God?
    Well now, think about the logic of this. Can I go into a phone booth and dial any phone number and get home? No, there’s only one number that’ll get me home. I could be sincere, but I could be sincerely wrong. The truth is, all roads don’t lead to Rome and all religions don’t lead to God. You see, it all depends on which direction you take. Jesus said this: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). I’m betting my life on the fact that he was right because I figured Jesus knows more about it than I did. The Bible tells us that on the road to heaven, there are only two directions: toward Christ or away from him. You can accept him or you can reject him, it’s your choice. You can make Jesus the Lord of your life — that means the manager, the CEO, the person in charge of your life — or you can call him a liar, but that’s what the Bible declares. You know a lot of people sincerely believe that even though they’ve broken God’s rules that they can earn God’s forgiveness by doing good works, by observing the Five Pillars of Islam or the Buddhist Eightfold Path or the Hindu Doctrine of Karma, for example. But I don’t get it. How will doing some good works, that we should have done all our lives, make up for all the countless times we failed? You see, heaven is a perfect place and that means only perfect people get to go there. If not-perfect people were allowed in, it wouldn’t be perfect anymore. Well I don’t know about you, but I stopped being perfect a long time ago. So God came up with Plan B. He came to earth in human form, Jesus Christ, and he lived a perfect life and now he offers to let us go to heaven on his ticket. And I pray that you will trust Jesus Christ and stop trying to bat a thousand — because you ended up not doing that a long time ago. Accept God’s free ticket through Jesus Christ.
    Is there any real right or wrong?
    You might have heard somebody say, “I don’t believe there’s such a thing as right or wrong.” Or maybe you’ve heard a professor say, “There are no absolutes.” Whenever I hear that I want to say, “Are you absolutely sure?” You have to ask yourself, “Is this statement even logical? Is there any right or wrong?” Because when people say, “There is no right or wrong, or it’s wrong for you to impose your morals on me,” think about it. When they tell you that, they are imposing their morals on you. The fact is, we all inherently know right from wrong. We just have this weird tendency to disregard it, especially when it conflicts with our desires for pleasure or personal gain. Now, sure, you might justify having an affair, but certainly you wouldn’t condone your spouse having one. Or you might justify taking something without permission, but if you were the one being robbed you wouldn’t think it was okay. There isn’t a person alive today who’d come home from work and discover that their entire house had been robbed and say, “Oh, how wonderful that this burglar is able to enjoy all my things without my permission. And who am I to impose my view of right or wrong on this poor burglar?” You see how ridiculous that is? Of course. Even those who claim there is no right or wrong have their own moral conscience; they’ve just set their own standards. Here’s a good way to determine right from wrong. Turn the situation around on yourself. Jesus said it best. He said, “Treat people the same way you want people to treat you.” You see we all know that murder and rape and lying and stealing and torture and injustice are absolutely wrong. Why? Because we wouldn’t want any of these things to happen to us. The person who would say, “there is no right or wrong,” would not agree that it was okay to be raped. No, when you turn it on yourself, you realize that even inside ourselves God has placed a moral conscience and that conscience tells us when we do right and when we do wrong. And when we violate our conscience, we need forgiveness. That’s why the Bible said, “God sent Jesus to earth so that we might be forgiven of all of our wrong.”
    Why do I exist?
    That’s the most fundamental question of life. What on earth am I here for? Well, you need to understand God to answer that question. The Bible says, “God is love.” It doesn’t say he has love, it says he is love. It’s part of his nature, his character, it is the essence of his being. God is love. Now, love isn’t very valuable unless you bestow it on something. The Bible says, “God made you to love you.” You were created as an object of God’s love. If you want to know why you’re taking breath right now, why your heart is beating, it’s because God made you to love you. It’s the sole reason. You were made to be loved by God and to bring him pleasure. Now God wants you to learn to love him back; that’s the first purpose of your life. One day Jesus was walking down the street and a man came up and said, “What’s the most important command in the Bible?” And Jesus said, “I’m going to summarize the entire Bible in one sentence. Love God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength.” God wants you to get to know him and love him back. So that means when you get up in the morning, you should sit on the side of your bed and say, “God, if I don’t get anything else done today, I want to know you a little bit better and I want to love you a little bit more.” Because if at the end of the day you know God more and you love him more, you have just fulfilled one of the purposes of your life. If, on the other hand, you’ve accomplished all kinds of things and achieved many, many successes in life, but at the end of the day you don’t know God better or love him more, you have missed the primary purpose of your life. Because God didn’t put you on this earth just to mark things off your to-do list. He put you here to know him and love him. That’s why you exist.
    What is my purpose in life?
    Well the truth is, God created you for five purposes. You see, you were made by God and you were made for God. And until you understand that, life isn’t going to make sense. When you come to this question, you only have three options. First is what I call the mystical approach, and that is to look within. You find this in a lot of talk shows, a lot of new age books, and a lot of seminars. They say, “Look within to discover your purpose.” The only problem is that doesn’t work. We’ve all looked within and didn’t like what we saw. It’s quite confusing. In fact, if we could know the purpose of life by looking within, we’d all know it by now. It doesn’t work. The second way you can try to discover your purpose is called the intellectual or philosophical approach. And that’s where you go to a seminary class or university class and you sit there with a pipe and your latte and you ask questions like, “Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going?” I once read a book by professor John Morehead, the Head of the Department of Philosophy at Northeastern University in Illinois. And he wrote to 250 well-known intellectuals and asked them, “What is the meaning and purpose of life?” These were novelists, scientists, well-known intellectuals. I read the book (now out of print), and it was quite depressing because most of the people said, “I have no idea what the purpose of life is.” Some of them admitted they just made up a purpose. And some of them admitted they guessed. And some of them said, “If you know the purpose, please tell me.” You see, there’s a better answer to speculation and that’s revelation. If I were to hold up an invention that you have never seen before, you wouldn’t know its purpose. The only way you’d know its purpose was either talk to the creator who made it, or read the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual of life is the Bible and your Creator is God. And it is only as you get to know God you will discover his five purposes for your life. I hope you’ll begin that journey today.
    I Have a Lot of Debt and Troubles. What to Do?
    This, like all situations, comes to you because you need to learn an important lesson. Everything happens for a good reason. You had good intentions: to free your father from dept. That is a noble intention. But things went wrong. Why? Don’t seek the answer in negative spirits. Rather seek the answer in any mistake in thought or behaviour in yourself. Don’t judge yourself for it. Simply try to analyze, learn, and to improve. What can you do right now to get out of debt, avoiding the same mistakes as before? What does really work? What can you do, with the strength and ability you have available? Know that for every trouble there is a solution. Often we find it better if we calm our minds in meditation and pray to God for guidance. Have you done so? You might get the greatest inspirations of how to move on from here, to do a good next step. Something else: do you have a successful friend, a true friend, who can advise and help you? That too might make a difference. The most important point is: never give up, even though you are tired right now. Meditate, pray fervently for help, guidance, assistance, and then do your very best. You can resolve this situation. And then you will have learned an important lesson.
    Why Am I Not Successful in My Career?
    I am sorry to hear of your career difficulties. Generally speaking, when our tests arise without an obvious cause on our part, we can assume it’s past karma. In all cases, our challenges are opportunities to learn, grow and improve. But when it appears that the challenges are not related to any shortcoming in our effort, we usually are unable to know why or how. Always the important thing is how we respond to our difficulties. In your case, perhaps the opportunity here is, as you have done, to let go of the importance of achieving success in your career in order to put more emphasis on family and your spiritual life. Are you able, then, to focus on your family life and your spiritual life without the income from a career? Please do, however, avoid blaming others or circumstances for the challenges you faced. Even if you do not know what part your karma may have played, it would be good to persist patiently and intelligently with willpower to do your best until the karma is paid off and you achieve some success. But since you have quit the career, this may no longer be a relevant suggestion but should you ever go back into your career, you will want to apply your effort and invoke God’s grace so that you can accomplish your worthwhile tasks. Ok? For now, apply yourself diligently to your family life and your spiritual life! Blessings upon you! Contact us for more spiritual upliftment and unlocking of your destiny.

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    Understand the Scriptural foundation for freedom

    In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.

    Ephesians 1:7

    As you pursue your freedom, remember that Christ has paid for your life to be redeemed. Redemption is more than just forgiveness. You were purchased back from whatever used to own you, and Christ is now the one who owns your life. Your freedom is because of His sacrifice. That is the foundation that you must build your faith on. Freedom belongs to us, not because we are hurting, but because of the sacrifice of Jesus.

    Another Scripture says,

    Giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.

    Colossians 1:12-14

    This verse says “He has delivered” using the past tense. It was on the cross of Calvary that you were delivered from the power of darkness. The foundation of your freedom must come from understanding the truth that the Scripture reveals to us. Your deliverance might be about to manifest, but the foundation for your deliverance happened 2000 years ago.

    Galatians also says,

    Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”), that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

    Galatians 3:13-14

    We see again in this verse the word “redeemed” and we also know that our freedom was purchased on the cross.

    This may cause people to wonder, so why then is there a need to pray for deliverance?

    The Lord has defeated the enemy on the cross, but faith is required on our behalf to see it manifest. The same is true for our faith in Jesus. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus died for our sins 2000 years ago, but that doesn’t mean we’re automatically saved, that’s universalism which is clearly unscriptural.

    Romans makes it clear by saying,

    That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation.

    Romans 10:9-10

    We are called to confess that He is Lord and believe that He was raised, and we will be saved. The idea remains the same with our healing and deliverance–believe in what Jesus has already done for you.

    Confess your faith in Christ

    By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.

    1 John 4:2-3

    Before you can start breaking curses, not only do you need to know what Christ did for you on the cross, but it’s important to confess your faith in Him.

    He is not just another prophet, an enlightened man, or a good teacher, you must believe in Him as your personal Lord and Savior.

    Release all unforgiveness

    nd his master was angry and delivered him to the torturers until he should pay all that was due to him, so My heavenly Father also will do to you if each of you, from his heart, does not forgive his brother his trespasses.”

    Matthew 8:34-35

    Many people have demonic-rooted issues because of their lack of forgiveness.

    If you hold on to bitterness satan will have access to you.


    Bitterness, unforgiveness, and offense are your choice, but in choosing to hold on to them you are giving a right to the enemy to keep you bound.

    The way to break away from bondage and curses is to examine yourself and release anything you are harboring in your heart.

    By choosing to forgive, you are not justifying the act that caused you pain, you are simply choosing to not live bound by it. Someone might have affected your past, but God doesn’t want them to continue to affect your future–forgive.

    Your freedom is more important than your feelings.