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About Mother Lodge Temple

The Temple of Grace;

The Mother Lodge has been in existence since 1913 for human help. This lodge can assist you to do the following and more; Promotion at work, Solution to Marriage Problems, Solutions to Childlessness and Get Pregnant quickly. Do-as-I-Say-Ring, Make Money and Get rich quickly without any side-effect, Removal of Ancestral curses and Generational curses, Progress in Business, Exam Success, Goodluck and Love, Marry me Alone, Win Contracts, Win Election, Power for Healing, Love Ring, Ring to Perform Mirace for Men of God.

The Temple of Grace

Mother Lodge Temple

Acquire Wealth Without Side Effect, & Attain Success with Best Phychi.

Distance is not a barrier, we can work for you, you can receive our power anywhere you are in the world.

1. Get good jobs and contracts
2. Promotions in your place of work
3. Get rich without any side effects
4. Make secure & accurate findings
5. Securing your life partner (Man & Woman)
6. Overcome your enemies
7. Destroy evil spirits
8. Attract customers to your business
9. Win court cases
10. Spiritual protection
11. No more divorce
12. Educational success
13. Makin the barren fruitful
14. General success
15. Good luck charm

16. One and only (MAN & WOMAN)
17. Winning lottery
18. Securing the destiny of your children and lineage
19. Powers to know when good or bad is about to happen
20. Power to perform signs and wonders within your religion
21. Protections from accidents and mishaps on land, air and sea
22. Secure good health and healing health wise
23. Winning beauty pageants
24. Winning Elections
25. Getting political appointments
26. Chasing away generational courses such as madness, evil spirit, marine spirit etc.

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